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Be the Self. The watcher. Know yourself. Know your personhood too. Laugh as much as you can.
Be from the heart .


My earliest memories of childhood growing up the first five years of my life on the Ivory Coast in the hot and very dry city Lagos in Nigeria, are ones of a very free, naughty and fearless child, who loved playing funny and naughty tricks on others. I felt infinite and daring and as an example of my fantastic way of thinking honestly believed I could float from one room to the other since I could see no barrier between the dream state (in which I really floated around in space) and the wake one. Another fond recollection of the past that I enjoy remembering is lying on my back anywhere outside in nature, observing the clouds’soft swaying across the skies, directed by the wind. This wonderfully relaxed observation became one of my favourite pleasures and my first step into meditation.

A great amount of human conditioning followed, in which fears and self- identification with these unhealthy ideas passed on from “the fearful” constituted my beliefs and influenced the choices I made in life. Maya, planting these “fear seeds” in me in order to motivate me to, at a much later stage in life, consciously rip them out of my mind and by doing so make me realize, that I am not the conditioned mind but an eternal free soul.

Born in 1975 in Vienna my parents, elder sister & I led the life of a diplomat’s family, moving from the equator region in Africa to the foggy and mystical celtic emerald isle Ireland, flying over the oceans to the heritage of the Aztec and Maya  culture in Mexico and four years later returning to a small, green city close to Vienna, in which my adolescent years were spent back in the heart of Europe.

It was in this period of my life, at the age of 17, in which a wonderful 70ies book “Yoga 28 Days Exercise Plan” by Richard Hittleman belonging to my mother fell into my hands and changed my life.

It began with the words:

“Having mastered the body through the Yogic teachings so that it becomes a fit habitation for the soul; having the senses, emotions and mind under control, the wise person discards the wornout sheaths of desire, fear and confusion and passes into the state of enlightenment and freedom”. –Bhagavad Gita

Since this time Yoga became my tool, taking me out of the imprisonment of the mind and my sensual attachments, gradually, slowly and up to the Now. My daily practice gave me a steadiness of being, that my soul had been seeking. My soul longed for- long before I entered my human body- complete liberation, the only state that could lead to happiness.

The following years were dedicated to the upbringing of my first child, Simon, in my early twenties while simultaneously self- educating myself  in Yoga,  studying Journalism and African Studies at University in Vienna and working to earn a living. After the birth of my second child, Frida, in 2004 and living for one year in Sydney, Australia where I learnt Yoga for my pregnancy, more years of teacher trainings in different types of Yoga traditions, from Classic Hatha- and Ashtanga Yoga to more modern approaches such as Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Yoga for dancers and a long year training and education in the science of Ayurveda nutrition, psychology and massage followed.

It is the Now, and at this wonderful stage of my life I am honoured to connect with you, the wonderful souls all around, by the means of an open heart.

May we become truely great, free & eternally happy.

Carla Berinda

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