Yoni Eggs

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The Yoni  Egg & Female Empowerment


Women today are called upon to unleash their innate, succulent and 

juicy creative life-force that resides in our yonis and wombs in order to be

a part of the grand female awakening taking place here and now on our beautiful Planet Earth.

The Yoni (= vagina) Egg is a tool which originated from the

Dao philosophy of Ancient China  about 4000 years ago, and back then it was used to be

develope the skillfulness of the toned yet smooth yoni, which could play with the emperor´s

lingam (=penis) like a flink hand.

Today this practise has experienced a great revival, since women today

are stepping into their rightful place and reclaiming their empowerment.

The Jade Egg practice awakens the full potential of the womb while strengthening our pelvic muscles

and energizing the whole body and mind.

Here are its greatest benefits:

Self healing : Trauma release and activation of all meridians and organs of the body.

Bigger and multiple orgasms: 

Spiritual Developement

Self esteem & Love of our bodies

Hormonal Balance

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